Una buona novella da Dharamsala – Eine gute Nachricht aus Dharamsala

Finalmente ci è giunta una bellissima notizia dal Tibetan Children’s Village a Dharamsala.


Endlich eine gute Nachricht vom Tibetan Children’s Village in Dharamsala


La Costa Foundation Family ha raggiunto il suo primo traguardo: il primo stabile per 34 bambini profughi sorto a Dharamsala, a norma di legge con servizi e camere, costruito attraverso donazioni che sono arrivate alla Costa Family Foundation, é terminato. Ci é appena raggiunta una lettera da Mrs. Lobsang Tsomo, coordinatrice del progetto.


Die Costa Foundation Family hat ihr erstes Ziel erreicht: Mit den Spenden, die in die Costa Family Foundation eingegangen sind, ist die Herberge für 34 Flüchtlingskinder inmitten eines der bedeutendsten Hilfs- und Bildungszentren der tibetischen Gemeinschaft, dem Tibetan Childrens’s Village in Dharmsala, erfolgreich beendet. Es hat uns soeben ein Brief von Mrs. Lobsang Tsomo, Koordinatorin des Projektes erreicht.

Dear family Costa,

Tashi Delek and good morning!


The home 13 reconstruction work is now completed and the children started moving in since the past weekend. There is some organization to do by the home parents and the older children. Putting things in place will take some time. As soon as this is done, we will be most delighted to send you a final report and photos with children happily living in this new home. The financial statement will take a while though, as some payments are yet to be finalized by the accounts department. The children and home parents are so happy to move in and have this new living environment.

We are so thankful and grateful to your family and friends for helping us realize this project. Thank you again for the wonderful support!

With kindest regards,

Lobsang Tsomo (Mrs.)
Project Coordinator

September 26th, 2008
Warmest greetings from the Tibetan Children’s Village!

We are extremely thankful to receive your donation through the Costa Family Foundation in support of our work. Thank you very much!

The children and co-workers would like to thank you very much for the most valuable support and understanding of our needs. We are truly grateful to you for the kindness and interest.

Our work is running smoothly and the children are keeping well. Our schools are in the 3rd term of the academic year. We have had less number of children and youths from Tibet this time, obviously because of the total closure of the borders by the Chinese. However, we are hopeful of more coming out in the coming winter, if at all the borders are relaxed. We are positive that with the on going expansion projects in our school Bir, specifically meant for children and youths from Tibet, we will be able to absorb as many number of children and youths as possible.

Your support is most valuable and highly appreciated. Thank you again!

With kindest regards,

Yours sincerely,
Lobsang Tsomo (Mrs.)
Project Coordinator


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